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East Coast Plastering may primarily be known for plastering and cladding but did you know, we also have a sterling reputation for superior painting services? Our customers prefer the fully integrated plaster and paint service we provide as it enables us to deliver an outstanding exterior house finish.


Adding instant value to your home

It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do, from updating the look of your home to adding instant value to the sale price. If you have a plaster house exterior, you’ll know that regular house painting is a necessary part of the property’s maintenance plan. It should be inspected every 5 years and repainted and sealed at least every 7-10 years.

Guaranteed for 10 years

So, give your home the best exterior finish possible and book East Coast Plastering to complete all of your Tauranga house painting requirements. We guarantee the quality of all our plastering and house painting for 10 years, as long as our maintenance programme has been followed and the recommended products used.

We recommend the right paint for your project

When we’re installing an advanced plaster system such as Resene Construction Systems or Dulux Specialized Construction Systems, these generally come complete with a plaster, paint and sealant as part of the combined system, so all you have to do is choose the paint colour.

If we’re repairing or maintaining your existing plaster cladding then house painting, we will be happy to recommend the right type of paint for your project.


Choosing the right paint colour

for your property

Once we’ve agreed the ideal exterior painting system for your property you can begin to look at paint colour options. We can provide you with colour recommendations and leave you several paint samples to consider.

It’s a good idea for you to gather some pictures of different looks you like or photographs of a nearby property you’d like to emulate. Consider if your house gets a lot of sun or if it’s South facing, in which case it might need brightening up. The colour of your roof and joinery should complement your choice of colour, so be sure to note their specifications.


Now you can have paint that keeps your home cool


Kiwis love the sun, but did you know that the sun’s rays and heat can place stress on the exterior plaster and paint of your home?

Resene CoolColour is an acrylic paint system that reflects more of the sun’s energy, reducing heat build up and stress to your plaster coating. It provides perfect protection for homes in sunny Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty and is available in a wide range of exterior paint colours and stains.

Preparing surfaces for exterior painting

Before painting your house, retaining walls or boundary fences, the exterior surface is likely to need some love and attention. Mould will need killing and the surfaces washed to remove dirt, salt and mould.  Our Tauranga painters and decorators can arrange for all of this to be done for you.

We’ll then sand old paint surfaces, fill any imperfections and repair damaged areas before we begin painting. A sound surface or substrate will always result in a far superior paint job and this is not a stage that we are willing to compromise on.

The garden wall below was very damp and looked unsightly due to water pooling on the path in front. Our solution was to fully waterproof both the wall and path before plastering and painting.



Scaffolding safeguards our plasterers, painters and decorators

If your property is more than one storey high or has any issues with access, you are likely to need scaffolding installed for the duration of the project.

Scaffolding is designed to create safe access to every individual working on the job, from our house washers, plasterers, painters and decorators.

We will advise you if scaffolding is required when we come to quote on your project and can organise this all for you.

We strive to exceed your expectations!

Most experienced exterior plasterers and house painters Tauranga

With over 25 years personal experience, you won’t find a better, more experienced plasterer and painter than Danny Teura and his team at East Coast Plastering.

We’re proud to service Tauranga house builders and home owners across the wider Bay of Plenty.

We guarantee the quality of our craftsmanship

As craftsmen we only use the very best plastering systems and exterior paint designed for New Zealand’s harsh climate. We take pride in our work and offer a 10 year guarantee on our workmanship.

Our ever growing list of happy clients are testament to the enduring quality of our work.


We highly recommend East Coast Plasterers

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

We highly recommend East Coast Plasterers. They are really friendly and easy to work with. Their work is GREAT – our plasterer-neighbour popped over for a nosey after they’d finished, and he was very impressed too. They really take their time to do a good job, first time. We’re happy for people to come and take a look at our place if they want to see the end product. 

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